Our customers & references

ARIC offers consulting and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Many of our clients are, without a doubt, hidden champions in their respective industries. Thanks to our particular skill set, we are also happy to call companies our clients that play in the big league based on the company turnover. Irrespective of whether a DAX-listed company or a Me Incorporated approaches us, our commitment to achieving your goals and meeting your expectations is the same.


Since our founding, we have been involved in numerous projects and able to competently advise our clients. Given the current challenges, we are proud to say that our clients continue to place their trust in us when it comes to analysing and assessing market potentials and risks, checking delivery chains, showing them alternatives or providing advice regarding investments. It is not just empty words when we say that crisis is a chance. Creative and innovative ideas can be best implemented in times when established models are shaken up.